If you have a problem with one of our entertainment vending games, skill cranes or bulk vending machines, LET US KNOW, so we can rectify the situation and get the game fixed for you and others to play!

The best and fastest way to reach the NEN Customer Support Department is through email. We strive to reply within 24 hours. If you require a more immediate response, please phone us toll free at 1-866-902-0595.

Defective or Damaged Merchandise

If you have won a defective or damaged product out of one of our entertainment vending games, skill cranes or bulk vending machines, please send the item signature required delivery to:

National Entertainment Network
325 Interlocken Parkway, B
Broomfield, CO 80021
Attention: Customer Service

The product will be inspected and if it does not pass our quality control guidelines a replacement product of the same or similar value will be sent to you. If however the product is deemed of retail merchantable quality, it will be returned to you. Please allow up to 4 weeks to receive an item after initially mailing it out to us.

NEN's Money Refund Policy

If you have lost money in an NEN game or vending machine due to malfunction or service issue, please contact the customer service desk inside the business where the loss occurred. Reimbursements will be issued immediately and will not exceed the value of one play of the malfunctioning machine; refunds will range from $0.25 to $1.00.

If the malfunctioning machine is in a business that does not have a service desk or if the service desk is not equipped to handle your refund, requests can be made to NEN directly.

For the fastest service, please visit the customer service page at to fill out a refund form. Be sure to include your full contact info (name, mailing address, contact phone #), the business name and address where the incident occurred and the machine type that malfunctioned. Refunds will not be processed unless all information requested is provided.

If you do not have access to a computer, written requests for refunds can also be sent directly to the National Entertainment Network corporate offices located at 325 Interlocken Parkway B, Broomfield, CO 80021. Please send to the attention of Customer Refund Requests and provide a self addressed stamped envelope along with all required contact, business and machine information. Again, if all requested information is not provided, your refund request will not be processed.

Refunded amounts will not exceed $5.00 for any one occurrence or request.

Thanks for contacting us! We will be in touch...

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