Who is NEN?

National Entertainment Network (NEN) is the leading provider of automated amusement vending to the nation’s mass merchants, supermarkets and national restaurant chains. NEN operates over 50,000 pieces of equipment in over 15,000 locations nationwide, primarily offering skill cranes, bulk vending, kiddie rides, video games and customized game rooms all supported by a dedicated field service team of over 500 employees. We manufacture our own skill cranes (Rainbow Brand) and design many of our own plush toys. NEN operates in all states as well as Puerto Rico.

Is this the same company I used to know as Sugarloaf?

This company started as Sugarloaf in the mid 1980’s and was sold to Coinstar, a public company, in 2004, then sold to private owners in 2009, which renamed the company National Entertainment Network, as it is known today. We are majority owned by Monitor Clipper Partners, a private equity firm based in Boston. We do keep the Sugarloaf brand on our machines as it’s well known and respected by many as the premier skill crane company in the industry.

What differentiates NEN from other suppliers?

We are the only company today that services all 50 States plus Puerto Rico with our own employees. We have a network of over 500 employees that work out of 39 offices that provide our nationwide service network.

Describe your leadership team at NEN

NEN has the most tenured and talented leaders in the industry. Many have been with the company since its inception, and many have been in the industry 10-20 years. We believe in supporting our clients and industry organizations. Our current leadership team consists of Industry Association Directors, Presidents, Past Presidents, and Board Members on industry and industry related Boards.

Can I buy machines from you and have you set them up for me?

No. We focus on operating only, our core expertise. We do not sell or rent machines.

Is NEN a broker that subcontracts out the work like other companies that state they are a national provider?

No. NEN services and operates over 95% of all locations with NEN dedicated, full time employees that work out of our 39 NEN offices throughout the nation. We do subcontract out a very small amount of our retail work, less than 5%.

Who is your typical client?

Our typical client is a national retailer, or restaurant, or entertainment business with a small to medium sized dedicated game area.

What does it cost if I want to use your services?

Typically nothing. Our model is you provide the location and we provide everything else, and pay you a monthly fee based on machine performance.

I’ve heard about GamerGreen, what is it?

NEN has partnered with and has an exclusive relationship with Silicon Valley founded GamerGreen and Kurplink, a loyalty and rewards technology company for cranes, bulk, and virtual redemption machines.

Why would GamerGreen be important to my business?

Players see higher value by receiving the G-tickets in addition to the bulk and plush products, driving repeat purchase behavior which brings your customer back to collect more rewards. This drives even higher purchase frequency and higher machine incomes. Today about 300,000 players have signed up for GamerGreen. For the first time in our industry we know who the player is, and we are communicating with them, learning key insights and developing cross marketing programs.

Our machines are geo tagged. Players log onto Gamergreen and find cranes where they can win Gamergreen G-tickets, which drive customers to your business. We can also provide demographics where desireable.

What is Virtual Redemption?

An extension of GamerGreen, where players win G-tickets from redemption machines like you see in traditional game rooms with redemption counters but, instead of going to a redemption counter, players log into GamerGreen (on their smart phone, tablet or computer) and scan a QR code with their G-ticket winnings and bank their G-tickets and/or order prizes which are shipped to their house.

I’m worried about theft given it’s a cash business.

Cash businesses present unique challenges for sure. NEN has built best in class systems and processes leveraging the latest technologies to ensure that all cash is accounted for and reported accurately to our clients. We do not publish our processes for confidentiality reasons but are happy to take you through the multiple processes we use in person.

I’ve heard some cranes are rigged and not fair to the customer.

Unfortunately there have been companies that take advantage of the players by not giving them a fair chance to win, or by removing the element of skill from the experience.


Does NEN do anything other than amusement vending?

We have developed strategic new partnerships with automated retail kiosk providers where NEN provides service and other supporting functions. We are committed to expanding our business into new channels and new businesses, leveraging our expertise.

I want to learn more, who do I contact?

To join the nation’s top solutions provider call 1-866-902-0595.