Digital Claw

Over 100 million games a year are played on NEN’s 50,000 assets throughout the country, generating a significant, turn-key revenue stream for NEN’s valued clients, which are America’s leading retail, grocery and restaurant chains. We believe even more value lies ahead.

Introducing Digital Claw.

Digital Claw LLC (“Digital Claw”) is an independently managed, NEN -affiliated company with offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Denver. Digital Claw was created to overlay NEN’s vast array of physical, entertainment assets with digital capabilities and platforms through technological innovation and strategic partnerships for the benefit of its customers and its retail, grocery, restaurant clients and other entertainment channels.

The Digital Claw and NEN teams work closely together to identify and articulate digital growth opportunities for all stakeholders that can be built upon NEN’s existing and future asset base. In conversation with its clients, Digital Claw formulates and executes action plans to realize those opportunities. Among other results, Digital Claw seeks to increase existing gameplay revenue, drive customers back to shop and dine at client locations with greater frequency, deliver customers and transactions to our clients’ e-commerce platforms, and strengthen their reward and loyalty programs. And, we do this while staying true to our essence as a company that creates joy and amusement for our game-playing customers.

Digital Claw
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